The Weekly Internal Sales Meeting

The most powerful tool for maintaining the right pace and direction in a sales operation is the weekly sales review meeting. For the weekly sales meeting to be effective a salesperson needs to be able to tell a sales story. A sales story is not like the social stories we tell over lunch or dinner. A sales story is short, starting with where the buyer is in terms of arriving at a yes/no decision. Notice, we didn’t say what’s likely to close or what’s closing or how are things going? A sales story focuses on the forward progress of buyers and prospects, and the obstacles getting in that way of that progress that will keep the deal out of the “salary” forecast. The DEI Prospect Management SystemTM gives the sales team and the manager the language and framework to conduct short, useful meetings.

The 1:1 Meeting: The Most Powerful Sales Management Tool 

The engine that fuels sales performance is the quality of the one-on-one conversation between the manager and the salesperson each week. While group meetings are useful and necessary, it’s the 1:1 meeting through which the manager delivers quality – useful – leadership. You might light a fire under people in a group meeting, but it’s at the one-on-one meeting that you light a fire in people. The DEI Prospect Management SystemTM gives the sales manager and the salesperson the language to diagnose and strategize deals and activity.