We use DEI for all our new sales hires because it gives each salesperson a plan for success and gives the manager the tools to support and engage the sales team in continuous improvement. Alan Mulcahy, Head of Sales, Energia.

Using the DEI approach is like giving each salesperson their personal mentor. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make in your salespeople. Ruaidhri O’Brien, Sales & Marketing Manager, Prodieco

We tripled our sales in the USA this season and what made the difference was the DEI training and sales management system .  Jacqueline Draper, International Sales and Marketing Manager, Equilume.

The DEI sales process approach is spot on. I was looking for a program that would enhance, polish and upgrade our sales skills, our focus; all of the things that are critical to driving us to our numbers. Matt Mitchell, Vice President of Sales, Print – LexisNexis

The DEI sales process and management system is simple and intelligent. As a CEO or senior manager, you know that when it comes to sales forecasting, the salespeople’s deals and numbers have been through a proven process and tested selling approaches that actually work. John Weeks, Chairman, Mintel.

What I find so appealing about DEI is first of all, it works – that’s the most important thing!   Most of us in leadership positions have tried a number of things over the years and this system is so intuitive and simple to use.  It just makes sense.” Steve Schifman, CEO, Michelman Chemical.

Since we started using DEI,  it’s been a win-win for the salespeople and management. James Healy, Sales Director, Marco.

DEI offers a worldclass approach for hiring and developing sales and sales management talent. Peter Brady, CEO, InvoiceFair.

As a manager, the DEI system has given me the tools to manage a global sales team, without needing to micromanage performance. Michael Connolly, Global Business Development Director, Connolly’s Red Mills.

The DEI sales process approach gets a high level of engagement from both managers and the sales teams. It’s practical and effective.  Greg Brennan, CEO, Brennan & Co.

The DEI System  is excellent! This valuable tool allows us a more disciplined approach for identifying our commercial loan sales efforts. Sam Munafo, CEO, National American Bank.

Within two months after completing the set-up of the DEI System , we saw results in our sales data. New account openings doubled. Scott Heim, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, DayMark Safety Systems.

The cornerstone of the DEI System  is that it convinces sales professionals that selling is much more science than art. By adopting consistency in one’s approach to market coverage and monitoring one’s historical success ratios, sales professionals can confidently plan and forecast their own future success. Rich Linton, Senior Vice President, Corporate Retirement Services

The DEI System that you developed for us is an invaluable tool for our business development staff.  Your system is the most clear, precise method for tracking sales opportunities that I have ever worked with. Kathryn M. Groob, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Paul Hemmer Companies.

Implement the DEI System  and make it part of your company’s culture. I guarantee you will see results. Mathew J Bauer, Director Sales & Marketing, Rumpke Consolidated Companies Inc

We use the DEI System to help us keep driving the right mix of profitable sales and activity. It’s been a key part of our growth for more than 10 years, and every new sales hire is trained in the principles and tools. Ross Bolton, Co-Founder & Sales Director, Sureskills.

For several years, we had been redefining our sales process and on engaging with the DEI System , we realised that this was the ‘nirvana’ of sales processes. Within a 3 month period, we transformed the behaviour of our sales team. They began to operate more efficiently and focused on the stages needed to “get to closed” and on ensuring that they drove the opportunity through the pipeline by agreeing next steps – dates – with their prospects. Sales activity and sales yield has also improved and I would strongly recommend this particular sales management approach. Kevin Galligan, Managing Director, DX Ltd

If you want instant insight into current and future sales performance, then deploy the DEI System . It’s the ultimate self-help tool for salespeople and by far the leading Sales Process Management tool that I have come across. Ken Jackson, National Sales Manager, Masonry Fixings

We built our sales training programme around the DEI System . It’s the perfect structure for sales training departments, looking to align sales (training) content to the actual needs of the frontline sales managers and salespeople. Annemarie McRedmond, Head of Training, The Irish Times