The DEI Visual Board System can now be implemented inside Salesforce.com

Over 10,000 companies have used the DEI Board™ system as their common language pipeline tool to engage the sales team and drive business development.

This powerful visual-based system can now be implemented inside Salesforce.com.

The Board system shows each salesperson how much progress they have made to date, what’s on the horizon, and what they need to do to make their number and move each individual prospect forward.

The Board also gives the Manager a laser-accurate 30-60-90 day outlook that can be confidently presented to senior management.

Clients who have implemented the DEI sales process approach within Salesforce.com have experienced immediate benefits for management and salespeople. 

DEI provides the training, the toolkit, tactics and the know-how, to implement Board System using your Salesforce.com CRM.

1 Manager Workshop & Toolkit

We provide a Manager Toolkit that guides you on how to use the Board System to engage, support and work collaboratively with the sales team.

2 Train the Sales Team

We will train your sales team to use a visual-based sales pipeline approach, using our Prospect Management™ program. This is either a half or a full-day workshop. The program has been implemented by over 10,000 sales teams.

3 Salesforce.com Kanban tool implementation (in conjunction with your Salesforce Admin or partner).  

4 Follow-through

Our service includes providing you with follow-through support to help the manager make the common language and the Board™ part of the normal running of the sales organisation.






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Take a huge leap in your ability to identify the best prospects & opportunities in Salesforce.