These are links to useful  insights for sales leaders, CEOs, sales professionals and sales training and enablement executives who want to further raise the capability of their sales organization. While some of the topics seem tactical, we selected them because for many senior executives, they represent critical areas of sales capability or point to gaps in key skills and approaches.

The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen

(Or, “If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter”)

How do you go about crafting the high-level story that powers sales, marketing, fundraising—everything.  The article will especially appeal to companies and front-line salespeople selling DX (Digital Transformation) products, where product features are no longer enough to secure new business. If you are in “solution”, “consultative”, “values-added”, “customer-centric”, “challenger” or “insight” selling, this is probably what you were looking for all along!

Nailing the First Five Minutes of a Business Conversation

In the DX (Digital Transformation) economy, selling big ideas to C-level executives will become more common, as technology moves from being an IT or user-driven purchase, to an enterprise transformation purchase. This article make makes the point most sales teams are not equipped nor supported to sell at C-level, leaving many salespeople feeling unprepared and lacking the confidence, tools and skills to secure the attention of senior business executives. The author gives us a formula for mapping out a five-minute business conversation with a C-level executive. (This article is very relevant if you are currently looking for your salespeople to engage in “solution” selling. The approach described in in the above link, is quite possibly what you really mean).

How We Often Mess Up The Easiest Part of Our Sales Playbook

Getting our message across quickly on a prospecting call, is one of the hardest skills to master in sales, and one that has a huge impact on our performance and numbers. Learn here how to test your team’s competence in this area.

Demos That Drive More Deals

Doing a demo is a double-edged sword! This is an intelligent discussion about how and when to use a demo in a sales process. It is especially relevant for salespeople and managers working in the SaaS / Subscription sector, where prospects expect to receive a product demo, even on the first conversation.

B2B Selling is not about the open-ended education nor pleasing of customers. Anything but …  

Most B2B sellers think their customers are in the driver’s seat—empowered, armed to the teeth with information, and so clear about their needs that they don’t bother to engage with suppliers until late in the process, when their purchase decision is all but complete. Customers don’t see it that way …