common_languageOver 10,000 sales organizations have used the DEI system, as the foundation for managing and engaging their sales team to deliver the numbers.

The DEI system is based on training and socializing a visualized common language for managing opportunities and the sales pipeline, and over the years, became known as the Board.

The Board system shows each salesperson how much progress they have made to date, what’s on the horizon, and what they need to do to make their number and move each individual prospect forward.

The Board also gives the Manager a laser-accurate 30-60-90 day outlook that can be confidently presented to senior management.

Our Sales Management Program gives managers the language, tools and architecture to oversee, support and train the sales team to deliver the numbers and has four (4) elements:

1 A Common Language Sales Process that makes the sales pipeline a meaningful and actionable tool. This includes estimating required sales activity and lead generation.

2 A Reporting Language and Framework that delivers accurate sales forecasts (for sales and non-sales management).

3 Review tools that support the weekly internal sales meeting.

4 Sales Role definitions and descriptions that support better sales hiring choices and on-boarding program.

Note: DEI has a customized program for users.